If you are struggling with an addiction, you may feel stuck and unable to free yourself from a compulsive behavior, despite the physical, psychological, or social harm that results.

The work of becoming addiction-free is not just about giving up the substance; it is a journey about becoming your own authority.  Whether it is overcoming excessive alcohol drinking or smoking, drug abuse or overeating, Dr. Reznik guides you through a several step process with compassion and expertise.

First, you will be helped to uncover the conscious and unconscious obstacles to successfully overcoming your addiction; to gain understanding of what purpose it serves, and to become fully aware of its cost to your physical and emotional health, your relationships and your life as a whole.

Next, a powerful combination of techniques including mental imagery, strengthening your voluntary will and clinical hypnosis will be selectively used to help you control and/or eliminate your cravings, to move mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally into a new reality of living substance-free, and to create an environment that supports this positive life change.  

Finally, you will be taught ways to reinforce your success through an individually-tailored maintenance program.