"Tell me what your dreams are, and I will tell you not only what you are, but what you are to become."

                                    Moses Maimonides


Night dreams are a universal human phenomenon, uniting people across the barriers of age, sexual difference, racial background, and social circumstance.

People of so many ancient cultures, including Ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptians, Australian Aborigines and Hawaiians, Hebrews and Christians, and Arabs and Malaysians regarded night dreams as messages from the invisible reality to one’s conscious awareness.

Night dreams are like blueprints that map out your key life issues. They tell you who you are, from where you have come, and to where you are going. They come with the purpose of aligning yourself with the present moment and revealing exact information about challenges you face, lessons to be learned from your daily experiences, and your overall physical and emotional health.

Looking into a dream is like looking into a mirror.  When you gaze at a mirror (in your waking life) you see quantities of yourself; that is; one nose, two eyes, etc.… Your dream life shows you inner qualities, represented by characters that appear in the dream.  Any person, place or event in the dream holds tremendous significance for understanding yourself.  

Nightmares are messages from the deepest part of yourself to your consciousness calling for change.  If unheeded, your nightmares may reoccur and you run the risk of perpetuating negativity in your waking life.

The most useful function of a dream is its ability to serve as a vehicle for self-transformation and healing.  By learning how to journey back into your dream and make necessary changes, you can significantly alter the course of your life, impacting such areas as:

  • your relationship with the world and yourself;

  • your unconscious beliefs;

  • your emotional challenges;

  • your physical health.