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Practical Application of Morphology (face reading) in Real Estate Business

Part 1: Monday August 24th 10 AM- 2:00 PM

Part 2: Monday, August 31 10 AM- 2:00 PM

Whether it is the President of the United States speaking to the senators or a real estate agent speaking to a potential buyer, nothing happens until the ideas are sold by one person and bought by another.  In the first situation the President has time and resources to observe and anticipate the responses of his potential buyers. The real estate agent has a much more difficult job because he/she must assess the personality of a potential buyer within seconds. 

Knowledge of Morphology provides an understanding of the ways in which people think, the reasons for their behavior, and the means to satisfy their needs. 

Learning Morphology will allow the real estate agent to instantly assess whether his/her client:

 needs a lot of information or a little, 

 likes to be guided through the experience or appreciates being left alone, 

 needs encouragement in making a decision or is an oppositional type and will not do something just because it was not an idea that came from him/her.

 asks questions because she/he is simply polite or there is genuine interest,

 will keep his/her word or gives empty promises because of pressure,

 has difficulties spending money or parts with money easily,

 needs flattery and approval or will view it as patronization. 

Fee for the Course: $325 per a participant. To register please email and send payment to Dr. Peter Reznik at via paypal. Additionally payments can be made by check, please send payments to: 3 Prospect Avenue Montclair, NJ 07042.