Holistic Counselling


“We participate in a meaningful Universe structured to facilitate evolution of consciousness”.                          Martha Crampton


“All suffering prepares the soul for vision.”         Martin Buber


The Chinese hieroglyph for crisis also means opportunity and the Hebrew word for affliction, read backwards, means blessing.   This wisdom can help when facing a life challenge, emotional upheaval or physical illness, although a shift in perspective is often required.

Problems can force you on a journey you would have never chosen, but that can lead you to tremendous growth. Facing adversity may cause you to grapple with such questions as “why did this happen, what does it all mean, or what is going to happen to me?” This is when a spiritual perspective can offer guidance.

Holistic counseling can assist you to:

  • connect with the divine presence of Spirit in order to foster  health, balance and spiritual awareness in your life;

  • discover your connection with the world of Spirit in the way, tradition, and language that is unique to you;

  • find both joys and problems in your life as meaningful and instructive;

  • learn tools for spiritual transformation.