Face Reading Secrets for Successful Relationships. Paperback.


Face Reading Secrets for Successful Relationships. Paperback.


Face Reading Secrets for Successful Relationships reveals the many secrets that are hidden in people’s faces. Using this powerful tool you will gain vital, life saving knowledge.

This is your key to discovering essential information about the people in your life, the people you are going to meet and yourself! Yes, in this exciting book Dr. Reznik teaches you how to read faces!

Human Morphology (face reading) can help you to:

— Know how to recognize and choose your soul mate; 

— Start off a relationship with someone who has character traits that 
complement your temperament and personality;

 — Resolve misunderstandings and power struggles in your 
existing relationships; 

— Understand the ways people think, the reasons for their behavior, 
and the means to satisfy their needs; 

— Discover essential information about the people in your life, the 
people you are going to meet and yourself! 

In part one of the book, through step-by-step instruction, case illustrations, and exercises you will learn how the science and art of Face Reading can be used with 100% accuracy to understand your own temperament and personality. And isn’t knowing yourself one of the keys to understanding others? Part I will also show how you can become adept at reading the secrets hidden in a someone’s face in surprisingly great detail-after looking at a person for just a few seconds! It will reveal the principle of the inner and outer being as mirror images of each other. Additionally, Part I can be used as a tool for telling whether the one standing before you is a possible soul-mate, a nice but uninspiring mismatch, or even perhaps a scoundrel.

Part II of the book will help you identify people who are your best matches for developing meaningful, loving, and long-lasting relationships (and the most challenging matches as well). This intimate awareness from the get-go allows people to understand each other and connect on a deeper level, in order to avoid unnecessary tensions, disappointing surprises, misunderstandings, and power struggles.

The last chapter of the book will give the face readings of six famous couples, providing the analysis of what worked in their relationships, and what made it challenging or a deal breaker.

How many times you heard yourself telling a friend, “I must have met this person for a reason. I learned my lesson.” Enough with the lessons! It is time to begin to create your blessings. You are about to acquire a marvelous instrument that will help you to welcome the right person into your life.

But suppose you are already in a relationship and studying face reading has confirmed something you already suspected. This person is not your “perfect” match. What then? Face reading can help you gain an understanding of
what drives this person’s behavior, what his/her needs are and how to best communicate your own needs. You can use this knowledge as another tool for working things out between you, instead of a rationalization for running away from the challenges. That is, of course, if you decide the relationship is worth fighting for. What else can this book do for you? It can help you reveal if your love interest is truly the best person for opening your heart to, the one with whom to forge a rich, rewarding relationship. It is this kind of relationship that contains the depth and breadth to embrace, even celebrate both the differences and similarities between you. So with these tools, along with your unique fusion of mind, heart and soul, you will create treasure, a love story you wouldn’t trade for anything.

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