“A man finds room in a few square inches of his face for the traits of all his ancestors; for the expression of all his history, and his wants”.



“Morphology has been the most useful body of knowledge I have ever learned. I use it all the time- with my clients, coworkers, friends and family. It especially helps me in my marriage. Before, I often took things personally and became quickly angered by certain of my husband’s actions. Knowing his morphology and how it relates to my morphology helps me to have a lot more patience and understanding for our differences.”                        

  -Emily Barton, Clinical Social Worker,NY



Morphology is the study of the correspondence between the form of the face and body and the inner qualities of personality and temperament. It provides understanding of the ways in which people think, of their emotional responses and of the reasons for their behavior.  Ancient Egypt, Greece and Israel once practiced the science of morphology; now France, Italy, and China include it in formal medical training and clinical diagnosis.

By learning morphology, you can substantially improve your understanding of yourself and others, thereby improving your social, familial and business relationships.  Therapists can better understand and help their patients, and parents can immediately become attuned to the needs and rhythms of their children.  

 A morphological assessment identifies your character strengths and challenges, any significant conflicts that exist within your relationship with yourself, others or your environment, and the ways that would be most effective, according to your morphological type, to resolve problem areas.  It also reveals the most beneficial diet and exercise regimen for your body type, the most suitable climate in which to live, and the temperamental characteristics of others with which you are most likely to connect.

Morphological assessments can be done through individual and group consultations, as well as through the mail (pictures are sent and results are given in writing or over the telephone).